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Longhorn - Fixed mount projection screens

The Longhorn Lumiere Series Projection Screen is the choice for descending buyers
that want a high-end projection screen without breaking the budget.


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The Longhorn Lumiere Projection Screen is the ultimate
solution for the dedicated wall space or home theatre suite.

The Longhorn Pro Series Projection Screen

Longhorn fixed screens offer improved performance and style for the discerning viewer.

Lonhorn micro-layer projection fabric features a 3 layer performance which means more light is reflected back to the viewer making your projector more efficient.

    A deluxe velvet flock finish is standard on the Lumiere screen. This premium finish not only looks fantastic but also improves the absorption of light that overshoots the screen area and is projected on the frame.

  High quality extrusion

  Deluxe velvet frame finish

  2 year warranty on frame, screen fabric & velour finishes*

  Easy assembly will have your LONGHORN screen up on the wall in approx 45 mins


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*Subject to correct cleaning, excludes misuse and water damage etc to original purchaser only.


New! Longhorn 4000-Pro Universal LCD remote control


Can't find your remotes
in the dark?

Longhorn 4000-PRO

Longhorn introduces the latest in LCD remote technology, with the latest codes ready to use right out of the box.

You can also mix and match codes by having (for example) your TV volume on the same screen as your cable channels.

Every device you select brings up it's own LCD layout of one or 2 screens and programming in new devices has never been easier.

This remote control "feels" solid and well built, your friends will want one too.

  • Control up to 8 IR devices
  • Programmable
  • Backlit LCD
  • Foxtel coded in the box
  • Macro Function
  • Easy to use
  • 24 month warranty*
  • Auto power on-off
  • Long range IR power
  • The only unit that has Fox codes built in!


o High performance MCU capable of upgrading programs
o 512 KB bytes Flash Memory for Learning/ Pre-Programmed Code, (code will be never lost)
o Each device includes 2 pages of different keys, up to 57 keys in total
o Capable of learning Carrier (frequency: 20K~455KHz ) and pulse codes
o Capable of deleting single key, single device or even the whole remote codes
o Device Layout is Changeable
o Assigning Macros with up to 60 commands, including Time Delays between two commands
o During Macro transmission, all commands are shown on LCD screen
o Automatically detecting of environment brightness to light up Blue LED backlight auxiliary illumination
o Auto power saving functions
o Motion detection to start power up automatically
o Power indicator & Battery low indicator. 
o RRP $
299 inc. GST - Special Buy one and get the 2nd at 1/2 Price!

[PDF manual = 3MB] [Alternative download site

] Note 3MB


* Excludes physical and water damage and general misuse.


Longhorn products.. They just look great!

They just look sexy!

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Longhorn Eagle Series - Ultimate flexibility



 The advantages of a fixed projection screen without taking up a wall.

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The 2017 range of Longhorn products is available at leading home cinema specialists.

For example see ausmedia.com.au

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