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(Data Projectors)

BenQ W1700 Projector
BenQ W1700

True 4K not Enhanced for this price is AMAZING
In stock


BenQ W8000 Home Theatre Projector
BenQ W8000

Superb quality home cinema experience with THX certification
In stock


BenQ W11000 Home Theatre Projector
BenQ W11000

BenQ - THX Certified DLP 4K UHD Projector Brings Authentic Cinematic Performance to Your Own Home Cinema.
In stock


Epson EH-TW6700 Projector
Epson EH-TW6700

Full High Definition, 3D home cinema featuring 3000 lumens brightness and a contrast ratio of 70,000:1
In stock


BENQ W1110 Home Theatre Projector
BENQ W1110

New rounded modern look, 50% more contrast than W1080
In stock


BenQ W1090 Home Theatre Projector
BenQ W1090

Get Absorbed by the Splendor of the Big Screen ..with Big sound built in!
In stock


Epson EH-TW5600 Projector
Epson EH-TW5600

Home Cinema on a budget
In stock


Epson EH-TW8300 Home Theatre Projector
Epson EH-TW8300

High Definition Home Theatre Projector with Ultra Black Levels
In stock


BenQ W1110 Home Theatre Projector
BenQ W1110

Great value Full HD home theatre projector bundled with 3 X 3D glasses.
In stock



Data Projector Prices

Epson EB-U42 Data Projector
Epson EB-U42

Basic data projector
In stock


Epson EB S31 Data Projector
Epson EB S31

EB-S31 has 3,200lm color light output, SVGA (4:3) resolution and 15,000:1 contrast. You can enjoy beautiful and clear images wherever you go without worrying about ambient light levels.
In stock


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